About Backpackers Inn, KS

One backpacker, carrying one pack, enters into a group of dreamers. Welcome to the World of Backpackers Inn, KS.

The 2015 all new Backpackers Inn is located right next to the trendy “New Juejiang Commercial Area”, near Central Park Station Exit 2. Our hostel is also not far from the train station and airport! No matter if you are an adventurous backpacker, traveling alone or together with a group, we have a variety of accommodations to fit your every need! We welcome everyone into our dream, stay away from the hustle and bustle, and come make new friends who also love to travel and share your journeys together.

Booking Information

【Check-in and Check-out】

  • 【Check-in is every day after 4:00PM.】 Early customers may store luggage upon arrival; and for late customers our front desk is open 24 hours!
  • 【Check-out is every day before 12:00 PM.】We provide luggage storage for customers on the day of their check-out, but please keep all valuables on your person.


  • No pets allowed in our rooms.
  • No smoking or chewing betel nut indoors.
  • Please keep all valuables on your person at all times. Backpackers Inn, KS is not responsible for the loss or theft of personal items.
  • When checking in, please provide the personal identification of the individual whose name the reservation is under, sign in, and pay the rest of the amount required for the room.
  • To maintain peace and quiet, please keep your voice down after 10pm to 6am to avoid disturbing other customers.
  • Except for Family Fun room, other room types have no capacity for extra beds due to space constrictions.

【Modification/Cancellation Policy】

  • After completion of booking and payment of deposit, if a reservation must be cancelled or modified please inform us up to 14 days prior to arrival for a full refund; failure to cancel/modify within this time will result in a penalty charge stated below:
    1. Cancellations/modifications must be made up to 14 days prior to arrival to avoid penalty and be eligible for full refund of the deposit fee.
    2. Cancellations/modifications within 10-13 days prior to arrival are contributed to a penalty of 30% of the deposit fee.
    3. Cancellations/modifications within 7-9 days prior to arrival are contributed to a penalty of 50% of the deposit fee.
    4. Cancellations/modifications within 4-6 days prior to arrival are contributed to a penalty of 60% of the deposit fee.
    5. Cancellations/modifications within 2-3 days prior to arrival are contributed to a penalty of 70% of the deposit fee.
    6. Cancellations/modifications within 1 day prior to arrival are contributed to a penalty of 80% of the deposit fee.
    7. Cancellations/modifications on the arrival date (including no show) are contributed to a penalty of full deposit fee.
  • If customers encounter typhoons, earthquakes, or other natural disasters; halt of public transportation; or upon government announcement of cancellation of class and work, guests can choose to cancel/modify their reservation without penalty.