• Shinkuchan Commercial District

    Shinkuchan Commercial District is renowned for its wide array of local and oversea fashionable clothing and accessories as well as special designer products. Similar to the famous Taipei attraction-Ximending, Shinkuchan Shopping District is a popular Kaohsiung attraction comprised of youth and newfangled fashions, gourmet foods, and entertainments.

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  • Kaohsiung Central Park

    Kaohsiung Central Park is comprised of various greeneries and features, including Kaohsiung Literature Library, Scenic Lake, Middle Island, Speech Square, Water Square, Hedgerow Labyrinth (green maze), and Outdoor Terrace. Visitors may enjoy the 20min-long water dances performed daily at the Water Square.

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  • Urban Spotlight

    Full length about 150 meters, in the theme of “Light”, a vivid passage is designed by eight artists in 2001 known as Urban Spotlight. As you enter Urban Spotlight area, the background music of jazz or Hip Hop will indulge you with joys, there’s no hustle and bustle, no busy traffic, you are able to experience art and craft here with an easy spirit. As the new landmark of Kaohsiung, Urban Spotlight is a glorious pearl shinning in dark, enjoy a cup of coffee at the outdoor cafe, and enjoy the art and creation of light and space, feel the happiness and concordancy of Kaohsiung.

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  • Lover River

    Love River is a twelve-kilometer long river that features beautiful river sceneries and coffee shops along the riverbanks. With great efforts of eliminating pollutions and smells, the river has restored its beauty thus become a popular Kaohsiung tourist spot. Due to the picturesque sceneries and romantic ambience of Love River, various coffee shops and restaurants are established along the riverside for the enjoyments of all visitors. Visitors may sit back and enjoy a cup of coffee while appreciating the delightful sceneries at this area.

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  • LinYa Night Market (Kaohsiung ZiQiang Night Market)

    The LinYa Night Market, also known as Kaohsiung Ziqiang Night Market by the locals, is a must visit night market when the night falls. A collection of food stalls on the intersection of LinYa Street and ZiQiang Road, LinYa Night Market vendors offers delicious dish at low cost. Unlike the renowned Liouhe Night Market which is now a heavy tourist night market and the price went above usual night markets, LinYa Night Market is the replacement of where the locals go now.

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